The idea behind the Scot Lit Blog and our socials, @scotlitdaily on Instagram and @scotlitblog on Twitter, is pretty simple. We just really, really love Scottish books and want to share it. On Instagram you’ll find reviews, book lists, reading inspiration and more. On the blog you’ll find interviews, longer features and details of new books. And on the Twitter you’ll find…well, anything, Twitter is what it is.

Here’s more about the team…


I was born and bred in the North-East of Scotland, right on the coast with bonnie views and absolutely nothing to do. I work as a chef in a local hotel but when I have a bit of spare time you’ll find me in my reading nook with a warm brew in one hand and book in the other. If I’m not reading I’ll be wandering the hills and lochs of Scotland or running riot in a moshpit.

Favorite Scottish book of 2020If you asked me at the end of 2020 I would have easily said Shuggie Bain, however upon reflection Crocodile by Daniel Shand is one that I still think about and would read over and over again…

Top Scottish books of all time – As I’m writing this my favourites are Marabou Stork Nightmares by Irvine Welsh, Trumpet by Jackie Kay, Buddha Da by Anne Donovan, Fallow by Daniel Shand, Euphoric Recall by Aidan Martin, The Panopticon by Jenni Fagan, Mayflies by Andrew O’Hagan and Hings by Chris McQueer. If you ask me again tomorrow the list will probably be different but you get the idea.

Favourite genresHorror is my go-to genre but in the past I’ve enjoyed mystery, crime and thrillers. At the moment I’m really enjoying contemporary literature but in a nutshell I’d describe my choice of books as dark, tense and mysterious with a sprinkling of emotion and adventure. 

One album I’d listen to for the rest of my life – I’d choose Black Foxxes – I’m Not Well which was released in 2016 and I’ve listened to it hundreds of times but each listen is like listening to it for the first time. It’s packed full of raw emotion and makes me feel things no other album does.

Scottish bloggers I recommend – One of my go to bookstagrammers is @thatbloodywomanreads, whenever I’m looking for a new recommendation I often look on her feed, her reviews are short and sweet but they capture the essence of the book perfectly. Other favourites are @paperbackcollective. Erin and I share similar taste in books so I know if she enjoys a book I will too. I can’t forget @bookishlew who has impeccable taste in literature and his reviews are next to none and always to the point.

Aiden can be found on Instagram @pap3rcut__


Ahm a right wee cantankerous book goblin and ah like tae devour aw sorts but ahm maistly fond ae literary fiction wi a wee dose ah magical realism. Ahm an Art & Design and Photography teacher by trade but ah also try a bit writing in ma spare time and enjoy skuddin’ oan the badminton court, watchin the rugby and wrestlin’ ma daft wee dug, Rhu. 

Favourite Scottish Book of 2020Mayflies by Andrew o’Hagan

Top Scottish books of all time – Luckenbooth by Jenni Fagan, In Another Light by Andrew Greig, The Sopranos by Alan Warner and The Testament of Gideon Mack by James Robertson.

Favourite genres – I mostly like literary fiction with a wee smattering ae magical realism. I definitely like a giggle in my books and am a big fan of witty, colloquial dialects.

One album I’d listen to for the rest of my life – Low by David Bowie

Scottish bloggers I recommend – Some bookstas that I like are: @morganslibraryfinds, @thatbloodywomanreads, @goldenharebooks and @maddingcrowdbooks

Lewie can be found on Instagram @bookishlew


Aside fae being a complete teuchter, ahm a journalist writing about the completely unrelated topics of the African energy market and lower league fitba. Ahm also a fully qualified make-up artist but dae absolutely nothing wi it. When I’m no working or reading you’ll find me writing, boxing, at the fitba or watching F1.

Favourite Scottish Book of 2020Hands down my favourite book published in 2020 is Happiness Is Wasted On Me by Kirkland Ciccone. Walter lives in my mind rent-free at this point.

Top Scottish books of all timeEver Fallen In Love by Zoe Strachan; Complicity by Iain Banks; The Fanatic by James Robertson; Duck Feet by Ely Percy, Of Stone and Sky by Merryn Glover; The Sunlight Pilgims by Jenni Fagan…could go on.

Favourite genres – Gies a ghost and ahm the happiest wee bugger in the world, but anything dark or with complex characters pops my toast.

One album I’d listen to for the rest of my life – Without a shadow of a doubt it’s The Art of Drowning by AFI.

Scottish bloggers I recommend – Aside from the three lads of ScotLit I love following @readingisadoingword who I read classics vicariously through because I have no patience to read them maself, @fiictionaddiction and @coleyreads for spooky stuff.

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I’ve got a wee boy called Leo who’s almost two; he’s the coolest wee guy and already on the road to becoming a bookworm. When I’m not getting run ragged by him, I don the shirt and tie and play insurance broker Monday to Friday. If I’m not in a soft play at the weekend, I’ll be enjoying one of Glasgow’s many coffee shops, at a gig or watching sport.

Favourite Scottish Book of 2020 – Shuggie Bain by Douglas Stuart

Top Scottish books of all time – The Young Team by Graeme Armstrong, Duck Feet by Ely Percy and Young Adam by Alexander Trocci

Favourite genres – Contemporary fiction, fiction, thriller (I love reading anything and everything though)

One album I’d listen to for the rest of my life – Oasis – Definitely Maybe or Arctic Monkeys – AM

Scottish bloggers I recommend – The rest of the ScotLit team, @morganslibraryfinds

Scott can be found on Instagram @books4the_soul

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