Congrats to all the shortlisted authors for the Scottish Crime Debut of the Year!

Bloody Scotland International Crime Writing Festival has announced the four authors shortlisted for the Scottish Crime Debut of the Year award: The Silent Daughter by Emma Christie (Wellbeck); No Harm Done by Alistair Liddle (Self Published); Edge of the Grave by Robbie Morrison (Macmillan) and Waking the Tiger by Mark Wightman (Hobeck Books). The winner will be judged by Janice Forysth from BBC Radio Scotland, Simon Lloyd from Waterstones and Kenny Tweeddale from sponsors, the Glencairn Glass. 

The Silent Daughter

Chris Morrison is facing his worst nightmare.

His wife is in a coma.

His daughter is missing.

And the only thing more unsettling than these two events . . . is what might connect them.

No Harm Done

Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

A young woman is murdered, her body dumped in the river, a sad but familiar event in Georgia’s capital city. But the victim was a call girl controlled by a ruthless crime boss. Could it just be chance that her clients included a senior government minister and the American manager of a multi-national energy company? And will anyone care?

Lieutenant Ramaz Donadze cares. A rebel—obsessed, mistrusted, and driven by tragic family history—he may be the only detective in the city willing to risk everything to achieve justice for the murdered woman.

For police work is tough in Georgia, a small country struggling to maintain independence from its former master, Russia, and to mend the damage caused by decades of internal strife, corruption and war.As Donadze gets closer to the truth, the stakes build, shadowy figures emerge and people get hurt. With his safety, relationships and career threatened, Donadze must overcome powerful vested interests to expose a conspiracy, find a killer and—if he can do it—lay his demons to rest.

Edge of the Grave

Glasgow, 1932. When the son-in-law of one of the city’s wealthiest shipbuilders is found floating in the River Clyde with his throat cut, it falls to Inspector Jimmy Dreghorn to lead the murder case – despite sharing a troubled history with the victim’s widow, Isla Lockhart.

From the flying fists and flashing blades of Glasgow’s gangland underworld, to the backstabbing upper echelons of government and big business, Dreghorn and his partner ‘Bonnie’ Archie McDaid will have to dig deep into Glasgow society to find out who wanted the man dead and why.

All the while, a sadistic murderer stalks the post-war city leaving a trail of dead bodies in their wake. As the case deepens, will Dreghorn find the killer – or lose his own life in the process?

Waking the Tiger

Singapore, 1939

A young Japanese woman is found dead on the dockside, her throat slashed

Inspector Maximo Betancourt is working a new beat, one he didn’t ask for. Following the disappearance of his wife, his life and career have fallen apart.

A distinctive tiger tattoo is the only clue to her identity

Once a rising star of Singapore CID, Betancourt has been relegated to the Marine Division, with tedious dockyard disputes and goods inspections among his new duties.

Who is she? And why are the authorities turning a blind eye?

But when a beautiful, unidentified Japanese woman is found murdered in the shadow of a warehouse owned by one of Singapore’s most powerful families, Betancourt defies orders and pursues those responsible. What he discovers will bring him into conflict with powerful enemies, and force him to face his personal demons.

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